Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Nation in Need of Prayer

Today we all need to pray for our nation. We all need to pray for our Churches and for our families. The day has come when we should finally realize that without prayer, we will not survive. Even Jesus prayed to His Father in hard times and this should show us the importance of prayer.

Is prayer a daily priority in your life, or a last resort? No matter how you approach prayer, there is no time like the present to lift up our nation to the Lord. As a country, we have turned from following God; there is widespread failure to obey His commandments or live by biblical principles. Is it just coincidence that our morality suffers? Or that economically, we face one of the most difficult times since the Great Depression? Regardless of what caused our national condition, Christian citizens should care enough about their country to cry out to God on its behalf.

How much do you love your country? Are you willing to bend your knees and ask God for help. There are so many promises in the Word of God for those who are righteous and honor Him. Part of being righteous and following His commands is to pray for your leaders and people in authority. Pray that they would honor the Lord and seek His ways. Pray that they would govern in righteousness and integrity. And Psalm 33 tells us that, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” The Lord promises that when His people pray, He will hear us! As you submit all your ways to Him,He will cause you to rise up higher and higher into the place of blessing He has in store for you!

No matter what political party you may belong to, what is most needed is prayer for leadership in our local communities, in our state, in our nation, and in our world. As Christians, we have the incredible privilege of holding our leaders and potential leaders up in prayer. Leaders of today need Christians to be praying for them, encouraging them, and asking that God's wisdom would prevail as decisions are made, elections happen, and actions are taken. Christians are also to lead by example in being "ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men." Sometimes, we get caught up in one side or the other and forget that as Christians we are to exemplify acts of goodness, peace, consideration, kind words, and true humility. That is a pretty tall order, but it will keep us on track to do what God is calling us to do - call on Him and depend on Him for all of life's circumstances, especially in the area of leadership. No leader can lead with wisdom and effectiveness without God's help.

It is not just the U.S. that is in need of prayer but it is the world. Even Honduras has changed in the last four years. These changes are carrying the world down a dangerous path. When you read this, take a few minutes out of your time and sincerely pray that God's will be done.

Philip Tyson

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