Friday, May 15, 2009

En la Tormenta Alabare - Praise you in the Storm

This is Samaritan Revival singing Praise you in the Storm with the Lyrics on the screen so you can understand the words. This song was written by Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. One of the greatest songs for people who are going through storms in their life. The song in spanish is called En la Tormenta Alabare.


Sally said...

Wonderful song! Thank you very much! Could you please post the Spanish lyrics of this version? I tried searching online, but what I got seemed to be a direct translation of the English one, rather than the lyrics of this version.

I'd really appreciate this. Thanks in advance.

God bless you.

Samaritan Revival said...

I have posted the Spanish Lyrics to Praise you in the Storm on our Blog.

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